Moving? Don’t Leave Your Sense of Humor Behind

Moving to a new place can be one of the more trying tasks in life. For success, it requires a degree of physical and mental labor, both of which can benefit from a good sense of humor. Even though you may feel overwhelmed with boxes and packaging tape, there are ways to keep an even keel.

Moving Tip #1: Enjoy a Laugh

cat hang in there photo hang.jpg

The children are upset, the moving company arrived on the wrong day, and you just dropped a box of dishes on the ground (or worse, on your iPhone). Now more than ever, you must stop and do your best to enjoy a laugh. Giggle at a joke you heard on the radio, smile at a song that makes you happy, or watch your favorite funny YouTube video. When you lighten up, so will everyone around you.

Moving Tip #2: Keep Pleasant Company

Family and neighbors may be upset that you are moving, but you must separate from this negativity. Eventually, it will wear you down. To avoid sad or miserable farewells, throw a great party that both celebrates and creates happy memories.

Moving Tip #3: Reflect on Positive Mantras

Moving requires a great deal of inspiration. There are many quotes and cartoons that can keep your spirits high. Place a small post-it note with a positive saying on your car’s dashboard or put the famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) ‘Hang in There’ kitten on your fridge. It will provide a necessary incentive that gets you through a tough day.

Moving Tip #4: Work with an Upbeat Real Estate Agent

When moving, it’s essential to work with an experienced and upbeat real estate agent! Great agents understand the difficulties of moving and, in addition to helping you avoid certain headaches, can help you keep things in perspective by providing you with knowledge, a smile, a laugh, and an open ear.