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Manhattan Beach is HOT

Manhattan Beach is already a really affluent, beautiful, and desirable place to live, so calling it an up-and-coming neighborhood is not exactly accurate. However, it is booming in a big way just like many up-and-coming neighborhoods are. There are some tell-tale signs that a neighborhood in the South Bay is taking off, big-time, which means higher home values, bustling communities, and good markets for sellers.

Manhattan Beach has retail and residential projects going up all the time. New builds, including condos and townhomes, especially closer towards the beach, are in big demand right now and builders and developers have taken notice, while existing homes are being renovated on a regular basis. Public renovations, such as at the local schools and libraries, are taking place regularly as the community works hard to keep up with the standards of its residents. Trendy and high-end establishments and events, like vegan restaurants, wine bars, farmer’s markets, local breweries, and region-specific shops ans stores recognize the value on staying local and show not only an appreciation for their own community, but make a solid investment in the long-term viability of the local economy. Manhattan Beach is also right next to the big Los Angeles Metro area. So, you get the great small-town feel of Manhattan Beach, but within driving distance to the second largest city in the United States.

Manhattan Beach has everything going for it right now, including the gorgeous, infallible weather!