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Congrats to Leanne Huebner: South Bay’s 2014 Woman of the Year

South Bay’s 2014 Woman of the Year is Leanne Huebner, the Vice President of Communications for the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation and Co-Founder of the mentoring non-profit Minds Matter. Congrats, Leanne!

Since 1987, California State Senators and Assemblymembers each honor one woman in their respective districts for their accomplishments when the Women’s Caucus hosts the “Women of the Year” ceremony. This year, our district’s Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance) selected Leanne Huebner as the South Bay’s 2014 Woman of the Year. You can watch Hubner and Muratsuchi at the state capitol’s California Legislative Women’s Caucus as the award was given to the Manhattan Beach local:

As a woman, and a Manhattan Beach local, it makes me proud to know that businesswomen like Huebner are being recognized for their hard work improving our local schools and local children’s educations. It is inspiring to women like me to work harder to make our community a better place by giving back and making local organizations a priority. The South Bay is already such a marvellous place to live; if we all give of ourselves that much more, think what great value we could add to our communities.