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Moving Yourself? It Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle or Expensive

Packing and unpacking can be the least fun part of going from Point A to Point B. Here, GoodCall offers some tips that can help ensure a smooth move.

The pre-move purge

Before the bubble wrap even comes into play, you should bag, drag and stack anything you haven’t seen, worn or used in more than a year to the trash — or to your trunk to be donated. Be sure to prioritize items in categories, such as gadgets, papers and clothes.

Take pictures before moving

Always take a photo of what’s on your shelf and which box it went into. Another good idea: Take a snapshot of the back of electronic equipment, which will make it much easier to figure out how to connect those wires and cords in your new home.

Space utilization

Instead of purchasing containers and packing supplies, use what you already have. Fill suitcases and backpacks with clothes or other items. You can even lay out your shower curtain, fill it with items, and then gather it up and secure it with duct tape.

Cushion with clothing

Winter coats and clothes are great for layering between packed electronics or breakables. Another tip that is less expensive than purchasing bubble wrap is to put glasses and other breakable items in socks. You also might want to store small items among the clothes in drawers that have been taped shut.

Time out for valuables

Don’t take any chances with your most important items. Be sure to secure your valuables (passport, birth certificate, jewelry) and keep them near you in a separate and easily identifiable container. 

Cover clothes

For clothes hanging in the closet, just put large trash bags over them so they can remain on the hanger. For shorter items, such as shirts and sports coats, punch a small hole in the bottom of the bag, and at least five to seven hangers should fit. For longer items, use two trash bags to cover the clothes from both ends.

Visit a dollar store

Trash bags to use as covers for their hanging clothes can be purchased from dollar stores. While there, consider getting small plastic bags to hold screws and nails, larger bags for liquids that might spill and markers to label boxes. If you need empty boxes, that’s also a great place to pick up some for free — or almost free. Your local liquor store also often will give away boxes.