Staging Tips You Probably Haven’t Thought About

While staging can be simple if you just put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, it still requires much more than just moving around furniture and stowing excess items out of sight. Think back to home tours you’ve taken in the past and remember what stood out to you—both good and bad.

Also, think about how everything impacts the senses. Of course, trends change, but the overall feeling of clean and tidy is always the first thing people notice, and customizing your home with some easy staging tricks can make a big difference. Toward that end, here are four easy staging tips you probably haven’t even considered.

1. Decorate for the potential buyer

If you’re in a starter home neighborhood, the buyer likely will be a younger individual or couple who is looking for more space after cramped apartment living. Pick some trendy paint colors, such as lilac gray or muted pastels, and keep the decor minimal and modern.

Forget decorating a kid’s bedroom and instead opt for an office layout in the second bedroom. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to downsize from a four-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac, you’re probably going to attract more of a family crowd.

Emphasize your space by decorating according to their needs. boost the recreational value of a finished basement with some movie theater loungers or convert it into a game room. Think about your neighborhood, as well. If you’re within walking distance to a dog park, you may find that your buyer has a pet. If your home is near a highly rated school, that’s also an indicator that kids may come with the package for whoever owns your home next.

2. Use resources

Rent a storage unit so you don’t have to worry about hiding away your must-keeps. This way, those items already will be neatly packed away and ready for your new home. The best part? They won’t get in the way of a potential buyer. Also consider hiring a cleaning company. You can find some relatively affordable options, and this will help you stay stress-free throughout the process.

3. Focus on the small accessories

Take a tour of your own home with fresh eyes. What do you see that stands out as old and just a complete turn-off? This can be anything from a sticky, splattered garbage bin that needs a good cleaning to a shower curtain with a layer of soap scum. Replace any small accessories that won’t cost you a fortune, and clean anything that can look like new with some TLC.

4. Use your nose

Take another tour of your home, but this time focus on what you’re smelling. Even better: Find a friend or family member who can volunteer to do this for you—someone who doesn’t live with you or doesn’t drop by frequently. Identify the sources of odor in your home and figure out a solution. The last thing you want is for a buyer to come in and quickly be hit by an unpleasant smell.

The cleaning and decluttering should help with this, but some other things you can do to ensure your home is a breath of fresh air include opening up the windows to let your home air out for an hour or two; lighting some candles to freshen up the rooms; and baking a cake or some cookies right before a potential buyer visits.