Features That Can Turn Away Millennial Home Buyers

With millennials now comprising such a large percentage of all home buyers, it makes sense that you would want to keep this age group in mind when selling your home.

While there definitely are upgrades that can catch the eye of millennial home buyers, there also are some home features that are known to send them running. Here, realtor.com shares some things that experts say repel millennial home buyers today—and how to fix these issues with minimal money and effort.

1. Wood cabinets in the kitchen

Although it might seem trivial, interior decor choices can have a huge impact on buyers. Think old-fashioned oak cabinetry in the kitchen, for example, compared with clean lines and cabinets boasting flat doors.

If your budget doesn’t allow for removing dated cabinets, there’s still hope. Sanding and painting the existing cabinetry can be a great way to give the kitchen a new look.

2. Closed floor plans

Sellers should take whatever steps are necessary to get rid of the classic closed floor plan. Try knocking out some walls, for instance, to create wide, open spaces.

What if you can’t afford to knock down walls when preparing a home for sale? Do what you can to emphasize the flow between rooms, like removing doors in favor of open archways between common spaces.

3. Formal dining rooms

While formal dining rooms might have been on every buyer’s wish list a generation ago, millennials as a group tend to favor flexible spaces as opposed to these often-unused rooms.

If your property has a formal dining room and you can’t afford to change the layout, consider staging the space creatively to show how it could be used in a more modern, functional way. For instance, you could stage the space as a home office or entertainment room.