10 Home-Staging Tips that Cost Less Than $100


10 Home-Staging Tips that Cost Less Than $100

Although home staging can be a costly expense, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to make a house look better without having to undergo major design changes or upgrades. Here, RISMedia offers 10 home-staging tips that can help you sell your property, all of which are priced at less than $100.

1. Put out the welcome mat

Potential buyers judge every aspect of the home they can see the moment they step out of their cars. Be sure their first impression is a good one by literally welcoming them to their future home with a fun welcome mat.

2. Hang some wall art

Adding some art to the walls of a larger room can make a home seem more warm and inviting. Meanwhile, adding art to the walls of a small room can make it feel more spacious. Overall, art has the ability to transform a space to your liking.

3. Set the table

Potential buyers walk through a home and envision how their lives would be once they’ve made it their own. You can help their imagination spring to life by setting the table for either a special holiday dinner or maybe something simpler for every day.

4. Incorporate house plants

Dozens of studies conducted in recent years have touted the restorative properties of house plants. Not only do plants help remove stress and improve one’s mood, but they also help purify the air and create a sense of purpose in the room.

5. Add some throw pillows and blankets

Throw pillows and blankets can tie a room together and make it seem like an actual living space rather than just a display. Strategically placing a pillow or blanket over some old pieces of furniture also can help update a space.

6. Hang a mirror

A mirror makes a space feel more open, but when it comes to home staging, mirrors can serve an even more important purpose.

If you’re trying to get a potential home buyer to see themselves in that house, what better way than to have them literally see themselves in that space?

7. Get out the knickknacks

While it’s important to make sure that a home doesn’t feel cluttered, you still want to have some decorative pieces.

IKEA has great simple and modern decor that looks great in just about any home. Plus, their prices are pretty much unbeatable. A quick trip to your local Target or HomeGoods also will do the trick.

8. Display some books

Help your visitors escape the endless pull of technology by displaying some books around the home. It may be that extra touch that helps get your house off the market.

9. Add some vases

Vases have an amazing ability to make a room feel homier, while at the same time giving the space an air of elegance and sophistication without being too stuffy.

10. Don’t neglect the bathrooms

Add some finishing touches to the bathroom. For example, crisp, clean white hand towels and stocked toilet paper can make a home feel move-in ready.