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How to Make Your South Bay Backyard Inviting This Winter

Winters in the beach cities are usually mild, so we residents enjoy the benefits of outdoor living while the rest of the country shivers and battles the snow and cold. If you are looking to upgrade your South Bay backyard for winter relaxation and fun, consider these improvements to enhance comfort and increase the value of your home.

Add a fireplace or fire pit
Nothing else compares to a warm, inviting fire when there is a chill in the air. A fireplace or fire pit can serve as a gathering area and is often the focal point in the yard.

Install outdoor patio heaters

A portable patio heater is the perfect accessory to extend the outdoor entertainment season. Patio heaters are available in gas, infrared, quartz and high intensity gas models.

Watch the game outside

For outdoor football “tailgating,” consider installing a weatherized television. Televisions suitable for outdoor viewing have specially sealed cabinets and enhanced brightness and contrast controls. To get even more from your experience, connect the outdoor TV to an exterior sound system, which is also great for background music during other occasions.

Soak in a hot tub

A hot tub is the perfect remedy for a stressful day, and Southern California residents can enjoy the comforting warmth of a hot tub throughout the entire winter season. Before you go all-in on this purchase, make sure you’re aware of the maintenance that goes into owning a hot tub. If you’re okay with it, then soak away.

Create an inviting seating area

Hardscape amenities offer a variety of unique and eclectic designs to enlarge and enhance outdoor seating. Different elements can be positioned around a fire pit or pot bellied stove to provide warmth and dancing light.

Install a patio

Gravel or flagstone can be used to set up a quick and simple patio. Maintenance is minimal, and chairs and tables can be added for greater comfort and convenience.

It’s undeniable that a big part of why we live in Southern California is the weather, so make your South Bay backyard a year-round outdoor. You’ll enjoy it for years to come and and can increase your home’s value in the process.