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Five Home Improvements for $500 or Less

If you plan to place your home on the market soon, then you should get around to some of these home-improvement projects now. You can accomplish all of these on your own for less than $500 per project, and the result may be a quicker sale of your home at a much better price.

1. Freshly Painted Front Door

Chances are good that your prospective buyers will pause at the front door when they come to see your home, and you should make sure that it’s welcoming with a new coat of paint. You might also consider a new decorative door handle, inviting doormat and some beautiful hanging plants.

2. Present a Beautiful Front Yard

Those interested in purchasing your home may not make it to the front door if the first thing they see is a front yard filled with weeds, high grass and scattered toys. Keep your front yard mowed and pristine. Consider planting flowers or other forms of landscaping.

3. Brighten Up Interior Walls

Dull walls are unattractive and make your rooms look small and depressing. Brighten up each interior room with a fresh coat of paint or even a bright new color.

4. Sharp New Lighting Fixtures

Choose new lighting fixtures for your living and dining rooms. A beautiful chandelier hanging over your dining table may just make the sale.

5. New Bathroom Appliances

A new toilet in each bathroom can make all the difference in the world. Not only do the newer models save water, but you can choose from some innovative styles and colors.