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Walk With Me In Polliwog Park!

Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog park is one of the highlights of the city. The large lake in the park is home to numerous ducks, geese and other birds, while the grassy areas are perfect for family gatherings, picnics, games…you name it. There are gazebos, tables, a barbecue area, play areas with slides, and a 9-hole disc golf course. Your dog can come along and hang out in the dog park and meet other pets. My favorite parts of the park, however, are the Manhattan Beach historical museum cottage, one of the oldest homes in the city, and the rose garden. All of this is set on 18 acres of gorgeous parkland.

In the summer, Concerts in the Park are free, beginning Sunday, June 22, and the locals gather for a great time, and the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden is open. Learn more about Polliwog park at the city’s official park website.