How To That Make a House Look Luxe

When it comes to seeing some luxe houses, the real estate agents on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles have certainly come across their share of over-achievers.

And while these houses on the market might be out of the average buyer’s price range, they still can offer some inspiration for sellers seeking to add some high-end style to their homes. Here are just some of the features they say will make potential buyers swoon. 

1. An over-the-top staircase

One fabulous feature buyers typically love in one of Tracy Tutor’s current listings (which just happens to be going for a whopping $75 million) is the staircase—a minimalist and modern setup, complete with inlaid steel and warm wood steps and banisters.

While creaky stairs with carpet or outdated railings can make a house look old, a sleek staircase can make any home look like a million bucks.

2. A bathtub that stands out

Another show-stopping feature in Tutor’s latest listing is in the walnut bathtub in the master bath. The walnut adds an earthy vibe to the otherwise white room, and the tub’s round shape gives the space a look of originality and sophistication. All the more reason to think outside the box when it comes to designing a beautiful master bath.

3. Stylish wood beams

Yet another impressive feature in Tutor’s listing is a long row of laminated wood beams on the ceiling. Although 187 beams might seem like a lot, they add some serious swagger. Their muted, natural wood-tone color also adds flair, while at the same time not overwhelming the space.

4. Smart systems

James Harris finds that a large majority of his buyers are seeking a home laden with modern technology, including a smart system with music, lights and security—all of which serve to make home life easier. 

5. An open floor plan

Harris also knows that his young clients typically need an open, functional layout as their family expands—like one with a large kitchen and open-concept living area that can serve as a great entertaining space. And while such a space might be perfect for parties, being able to keep an eye on kids while cooking in the kitchen is a great perk, too.