5 Paint Projects To Reinvigorate Your House

After weeks of sheltering in place, a paint project might be a way to keep busy and spruce up your home décor without buying new furniture or accessories. The solution: reviving some items you already own with a few strokes of a paintbrush.

Adding a splash of color is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change your environment, and here are some projects that don’t require multiple hours and years of DIY experience. 

1. Paint the back of shelves and bookcases

Painting shelves or bookcases is a fun, easy way to add personality to a space, and to create a focus point with very little effort. Struggling to pick an accent color for your shelves and bookcases? There’s a simple solution. Scan the room to see what colors already are in play in your pillows, artwork, rugs and other décor, and then choose a color similar to what you already have.

To prep, the shelves for painting, remove all items from the bookshelves and lightly sand the surface to prepare for the paint. Then prime, let the primer dry and apply the coats of paint. Be sure to let it dry in between, and also lightly sand between coats.

2. Repaint your old vases

Everyone loves fresh flowers, but they aren’t the only things that can bring color to your interiors. Try repainting your old vases to match the colors in your house, or go for something neutral, such as black or off-white. You can even go crazy and paint an accent stripe on your vase.

3. Use paint to give your dining room chairs a modern look

Before you begin painting, remove or tape around cushions or anything you don’t want to paint. You also need to prep the surface with coarse-grit sandpaper. This is a necessary step to ensure that the paint will adhere to the chair.

After applying a coat of primer and letting it dry, then it’s time to paint. If you’re painting wooden chairs, be sure to paint with—instead of against—the grain, as this will produce a smoother finish. If it takes more than one coat, let the paint dry between coats.

4. Paint an old mirror to revitalize its overall appearance

Mirrors are another small project that you can tackle with about one quart of paint. When choosing a color to paint the frame of your mirror either coordinate with the existing color on your walls for a more subdued look or go in the opposite direction and select a statement color (maybe Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year?) to draw attention to the mirror.

No paintbrushes? No problem. Spray paint is a great alternative. Just be sure to tape the edges where the frame meets the mirror with painter’s tape.

5. Take your painting project outdoors

The weather’s getting warmer, so why not take your painting project outdoors? You might not have space for planter boxes, but if you’re determined to grow plants at home, consider putting in a vertical garden with painted wooden boxes.

First, use a wood cleaner to make sure the surface is free of dirt and debris, and then sand the wood on the boxes, apply a coat of primer and then apply two coats of paint in your chosen color.