10 Items Every Home Should Have

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You’ve just moved into a new home, and you have basics such as the bed, table, and dresser down. What about everything else? Here, Architectural Digest dishes on the satisfyingly functional and pleasurable must-have essentials you never knew you needed.

1. Art you love

With an abundance of online sources offering great art at reasonable prices, as well as numerous companies that will frame almost anything, there’s really no excuse at all to have bare walls. Original works, personal photos and even memorabilia, such as coasters and postcards, can exist in harmony on dedicated wall space.

2. Guest linens

Having an overnight guest shouldn’t mean pulling out an old sleeping bag. Instead, store an extra set of sheets and an extra towel so you’re never caught off guard as a host.

3. An entry table

Not only does an entry table serve as a focal point, but it also can act as a functional catchall for mail, keys and other necessities you’re likely to misplace. Keep a bowl, tray or box on it to corral those items.

4. Table linens

Contrary to popular belief, freshly pressed linens don’t have to feel stuffy and overdone. For example, a bare table set with white linen placemats is ideal for creating a fresh, airy vibe. Bonus: Linen also is much more eco-friendly than paper.

5. Plants

House plants not only bring a touch of nature indoors, but they also can be used to add color and texture to the home. If you’re a cook, you can plant some basil, thyme or other spices in pretty pots for a personal herb garden to make your house plants functional as well.

6. Multiple lighting sources

From work to entertaining to sleep, everyone performs many tasks in their homes at different times of the day. So, it’s fitting that there should be varying lighting options available. Rather than just having a single overhead system, try adding at least one table, floor or desk lamp to every area in your home.

7. A coat rack

Whether you have a full mudroom, just a section of a hallway or even the back of a door, a coat rack or some decorative hooks are wonderful for helping to declutter.

8. A bookshelf

Whether it’s built-in shelves, a vintage cabinet or a basic model, every home should have chic shelving to store favorite books, as well as framed photos and other meaningful mementos. With the proper styling, there are virtually no rules when it comes to what’s on your shelf.

9. A sumptuous throw

Tossing a blanket over the end of a bed or across the back of a sofa can add visual interest and coziness to your home. Throws also come in every color of the rainbow, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

10. Matching wine glasses

When a friend arrives with a bottle of wine, you shouldn’t have to search every cabinet to come up with a mismatched array of wine glasses. Instead, invest in a quality set to instantly upgrade your happy-hour game.

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