5 Home Features Millennials Couldn’t Care Less About

If you’ve just placed your home on the market, there’s a high likelihood that your potential buyer could be a member of the millennial set. So, it’s probably a good idea to figure out what kind of houses the members of this generation are seeking.

According to real estate professionals, a large majority of millennials are looking for move-in ready properties that are ripe for customization. Likewise, if you want to attract the folks in this age group, you’d be wise to know what they don’t want.

Here, realtor.com provides a list of upgrades that possibly could make millennials run from your home as quick as they can.

1. Excessive landscaping

While a spacious, well-manicured yard might be the pride and joy of earlier generations, that’s often not the case with busy millennials. Many in this younger age group would rather tend to indoor plants and easy-to-maintain outdoor spaces, like beds for growing vegetables, as well as green-filled areas that look nice, are easy to take care of and can be set up for quality time with pets.

2. A formal dining room

Whereas mom and grandma may have looked forward to serving meals in a fancy dining room—replete with the good china, sterling silver flatware, and the crystal stemware—younger buyers tend to consider a room dedicated to formal dining a wasted space.

]Instead, millennials typically enjoy cooking in their kitchen and also like to eat in or near their kitchen. Accomplishing this the best is breakfast nooks and counters with bar stools.

3. A designated floor plan

Older generations may be satisfied with floor plans that designate separate areas for the living room, kitchen and dining room, but the majority of millennials want multifunctional rooms.

Think a large, open layout that makes the home feel like one flowing space where all of these rooms are combined, complete with kitchens that feature breakfast bars or islands that open to the living space.

4. Brand-new carpet

Millennials tend to be moving away from carpet in favor of bare floors with statement rugs. Some buyers might like rugs in the bedroom, but laminates, tile, and hardwood are more popular in the living spaces. Non-carpeted flooring also is more pet-friendly (i.e., easier to clean), as rugs can absorb and retain odors, stains, and hair.

5. Memorabilia and game rooms

The typical millennial doesn’t want a room solely dedicated to showcasing all of the possessions they’ve accumulated through the years. So, if you’re considering staging a room where the owners can show off their stuff, think again.

Millennials are geared toward a more digital existence, so try converting a spare room into a media space with a large TV or projector, and maybe even surround sound.