4 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Time to Move

For those who can be flexible in scheduling their move, choosing the right season to relocate can make the entire experience run a lot smoother.

So, which time of the year is most preferable? For buyers looking to move in the near future, the longer, sunnier days of summer are really ideal—and realtor.com tells you why.

1. Long days with plenty of sun

The weather conditions in the winter can make moving difficult. But warm weather means not having to deal with snow or cold, which can make a move difficult or uncomfortable.

Warmer weather means longer days and more daylight that gives you more time to move in and out of a home. This is especially helpful for those who are not hiring a moving company and will be doing the heavy lifting themselves.

2. Children are not in school

For those with families, moving in summer means no disruption of the school year or daily routine for the children. Plus, you won’t have to plan your move around a school schedule, and you’ll have extra hands to help you out with the move.

Disrupting the school year with a major move can be difficult, not only with all the school activities, but also with after-school activities and sports activities.

3. There are yard sales galore

Summer also brings more neighborhood yard sales, which can be beneficial to both buyers and sellers. As a seller, you can team up with neighbors and share the task of promoting the yard sale and bringing in foot traffic.

As a buyer, you will have more yard sales to peruse for any items you need. Plus, yard sales can be a great way to reduce the amount of stuff you have to move—and who doesn’t like the extra cash? 

4. The selling season peaks in summer

The summer housing market heats up for sellers, so if you’re anxious to move, you’ll probably have an easier time finding a new place and getting out of your current house.

According to ATTOM Data Solutions, there are more buyers in the market in the spring and summer, with June topping the list as the best month to sell, based on seller premiums. Sellers could see premiums of 10 percent or more in the summer.