10 Timeless 2018 Kitchen Trends to Transform Your Home

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of the house, and undoubtedly, one of the most important rooms when it comes to either selling or buying a home. That’s why, according to Communities Digital News, many homeowners are seeking opportunities to incorporate the latest kitchen trends as part of their home-improvement quests. Here, some of the hottest kitchen trends that surfaced in 2018 and promise to become ageless, offering fresh and elegant kitchen designs suitable in any given period.

1. Quartz countertops

Quartz is a long-running, still-popular kitchen trend because of its high resistance to heat and stains, durability and easy maintenance. When it comes to attractive yet showy kitchen design, practical quartz still shines with its sleek and contemporary appearance. With its shimmering surface less susceptible to damage, a quartz countertop also is adaptable to updates or redesigns.

2. Open layouts

An open layout kitchen is ideal if you love to explore many possibilities, but still want everything you need for food preparation to be at your fingertips. Spacious, open layouts combine a kitchen/food preparation area with a simple dining setup. Add cooking utensils with personal designs and other materials you may include that connect with your lifestyle. 

3. Induction cooking

Modern induction ranges and cooktops are fast, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Better yet, these once expensive consumer durables have come down considerably from their once lofty price points, making them more affordable to more consumers. From a practicality standpoint, induction cooking generates little actual heat. This lowers considerably the danger of fires and second-degree burns because in most instances you can safely touch the cooking surface while you cook. 

4. Single-level islands

Simple, single-level kitchen islands permit light to stream over the island and associated kitchen spaces. That means your kitchen gains a lighter and fresher mood, making it easier for anyone performing essential kitchen tasks.

5. Ceiling treatments

The kitchen ceiling is one of the most forgotten elements in kitchen remodeling designs. Your newly remodeled kitchen will never go out of style if you pay more attention to the ceiling and overhead lighting decisions that will affect the look, feel and use of its redesign. A thoughtful, creative and utilitarian ceiling remodel that complements what you’re changing in the workspace always is an excellent decision that often transforms a good kitchen remodeling effort into a great one.

6. LED lighting

LEDs were once restricted to dial and clock lighting, but today’s all-new LED lighting choices to provide astonishingly flexible lighting choices. Despite its still relatively high initial cost compared with incandescent lighting, LED lighting is a winner. It’s bright, highly energy-efficient and can dramatically lower your utility bills. LED lights give out a more efficient and long-lasting brightness than halogen lights, and run rings around luorescent bulbs. 

7. Integrated appliances

Incorporating elements of fine furniture into their design, such appliances can add stylish cabinet designs to your remodel. These integrated appliances serve as statement piece of your kitchen, giving it a striking,unique appearance that’s sure to impress.

8. The white kitchen

White kitchens still tend to be more popular with kitchen remodelers than other design trends. A clean, dazzling kitchen in white gives a clean look to your kitchen space. Consider having your countertops, tiles and backsplash all designed with white materials. You’ll quickly see why is a top design choice compared with more common but timeless trends. 

9. Fewer upper-level cabinets

Minimalist kitchen designs are always trendy. Fewer cabinets installed above your countertops give a new kitchen redesign an airy look and aesthetically. Installing kitchen materials in the proper place should make your lighting choices on trend for years and decades to come. 

10. Wooden flooring

Last in the list of kitchen trends that may go timeless would be incorporating wooden flooring into the kitchen design. Kitchen flooring made and aesthetically creates a cozy and warm vibe. Modern wood kitchen flooring also have come to maintain and proves cost-effective as well.