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The Most Important Features Millennials Want in Their Homes

There’s no doubt that millennials have finally entered the housing market. In fact, they currently make up 35 percent of buyers throughout the U.S. Approximately 68 percent of all first-time home buyers fall into this age bracket as well. But what do they want inside their homes? Here, RISMedia uncovered the four main features millennials are seeking when it comes time to buy a home.

1. Separate laundry rooms

The majority of millennial home buyers are searching for homes with an additional room just for laundry. Roughly 92 percent of home buyers want a separate laundry room, coming in as the number one thing millennials are looking for.

2. Outdoor lighting

The second most desired feature for millennial home buyers is exterior lighting. Roughly 90 percent of all people searching for a home in the current market want exterior lighting to illuminate their landscape.

3. Energy-efficient appliances

Another aspect of home buying that cracks the top 10 for millennials is having energy-efficient appliances inside the home. Across every generation of home buyers, 90 percent of people are looking for this feature.

4. Hardwood flooring

Rather than choosing carpeting, approximately 82 percent of home buyers are searching for properties with open hardwood floor plans.