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It’s Time to Start Saving for a Second Home on Mars

Mankind may be closer than ever before to terra-forming the planet Mars, judging by the enthusiastic support of brilliant billionaire entrepreneur and technology innovator Elon Musk. As a rocket and space vehicle designer, Musk has been open about his support for making space travel viable for groups other than NASA scientists. In fact, Musk recently proposed funding a city on the Red Planet using profits from a proposed global Wi-Fi system.

Is the public ready for this, or is it too much of an adventure for earthbound mortals? Real estate investors, always on the alert for the next hot area must be salivating over the prospects of undeveloped properties on Mars. This is, after all, an entire planet still unmapped and untouched by surveyors, city planners and code enforcement.

The design challenges and opportunities are boundless for those who can envision creating communities at Cape Tribulation with fascinating views of the Endeavour Crater. NASA’s rover has pretty much recorded most of the Meridiani Planum region, and the sights are other-worldly to say the least. None of these should be a deterrent to development considering the track record of real estate experts when it comes to turning swamps, savannas and arid areas to millionaire enclaves.

Now is the time to assess and realign your investment portfolios. The future may come sooner than expected: Living on Mars may become a reality in this lifetime, and you must be financially prepared to jump on this opportunity. According to Musk, interplanetary living may be the hedge needed so that humans can survive devastating threats to the species. That is reason enough to consider a second home on Mars.

I, of course, would be honored to be your outer space Realtor!