There’s a Good Reason Pro Athletes Call South Bay Home

Los Angeles Kings in Manhattan Beach
Lord Stanley’s Cup is no stranger to the sand in Manhattan Beach.

Since the 1980s, professional athletes have made the South Bay their home. And who can blame them? Our beach cities are not only beautiful, but they also also afford a certain level of relaxation and community not available in many other parts of the city.

As the Los Angeles Times recently pointed out, our coastal haven “has been attracting athletes since the 1980s, when the Joe Montana-led 49ers were Super Bowl fixtures, Kurt Rambis was minting four NBA title rings with the Lakers, and Steve Sax and the Dodgers made their last two World Series appearances.”

Today, it’s not an uncommon sight to see athletes from the Los Angeles Clippers, Lakers, and Kings strolling The Strand or celebrating a Stanley Cup victory at the North End.

In 2013, Jeff Carter, a center for the Kings, purchased a $5.25 million home in Hermosa beach, after which captain Dustin Brown, goalie Jonathan Quick, and numerous others have also made South Bay home.

Michael DiVirgilio, mayer of Hermosa Beach, told the LA Times what makes the relationship between the South Bay and Kings players special — “They’re not holed up in the most guarded house in town or the most secret place in town. In the truest sense, they’re living in town, and we have access to them.” He went on to theorize that the Kings are likely drawn to the area because the community welcomes the celebrity athletes as neighbors and friends and allows them to live normal lives.

Aside from the South Bay’s natural beauty, its people add in a strong element of human beauty, making it a truly enviable place to call home.