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What Real People Think of The Strand

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The Strand, the long walkway/path that runs along the beach up and down Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, is a huge favorite of locals and tourists alike. It’s the perfect place to jog, rollerblade, cycle, or walk the dog (or in my case, dogs). One thing I like to do, to stay on the pulse of the Beach Cities, is to go to and read reviews of some of our local Manhattan Beach attractions. This week, I read what people think of The Strand, the stretch in Manhattan Beach, and there are some wonderfully candid, and honestly positive, things people have to say.

“The strand is by far the most amazing public offering in the South Bay generally, and in MB particularly.  I’ve lived here for some time and I try to make it down to the strand several times per week, if possible.”

“The top Beach Houses in the country and the most laid back atmosphere that you will find anywhere.”

“The view of the ocean and the expensive beachfront houses beats running on a treadmill any day!”

“And I thought Hancock Park had pretty homes.  Outside of Bel Air and places with “estates” and hedges so high you can’t see the houses from beyond the automated gates, I think these are the most gorgeous residences I’ve ever seen, period, let alone beachside.”

“I love love love the strand… anytime of the day… I love my morning walks where I inhale fresh air and watch the surfers catch the waves… I also love to run on the strand during sunset… I always feel like I am in the middle of a postcard.”

Those are just a few, and I completely agree with them. The Strand is definitely a highlight of the entire South Bay, and the stretch along Manhattan Beach is gorgeous. The Strand homes in Manhattan Beach are, as one reviewer stated, some of the best in the entire world.

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