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Sustainability in Manhattan Beach

Were you aware of Manhattan Beach’s tendency towards sustainability? Do you know what sustainability means?

Sustainability and green living is a lifestyle that reduces the impact humans have on the environment and the Earth’s resources so that human life can be better in the future. Sustainability can include changing the way we use transportation, energy consumption, and our diet. One way that the City of Manhattan Beach works towards sustainability is by implementing green gardening and keeping in mind the main principles of sustainable Southern California gardening: Conservation, Permeability, and Retention (C.P.R.). There is an now an Ocean Friendly Garden where an old planter was on the Strand. Isn’t it gorgeous?

ocean friendly garden

The city provides a website with Tools to Create Your Own Sustainable Garden so you can do it yourself in your own yard. There’s also a beautiful Sustainable Living in Manhattan Beach map that shows all of the locations in the city that are working towards making the city greener and better for all the citizens. You can see it here. Enjoy, and visit some of these beautiful sustainable gardens.