2021 Design Trends Will Be Everywhere

2021 Design Trends Will Be Everywhere

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Ready to close the door on 2020 and start fresh? The first place you might want to start is at home. Whether you’re buying a house and looking for inspiration, or preparing your house for the market and want to make sure potential buyers will find everything they’re looking for, here are some design trends that are expected to be popular in the New Year and beyond. 

1. Dedicated home offices

You might not have minded working from the kitchen table for a few weeks. But now? Not so much. That’s why in 2021 (and beyond) home offices will be more important than ever. One of the most prevalent design trends of late is adding or renovating home offices.

If you don’t have a spare room for an office, there are plenty of ways to get creative and set up a space with some personality. In fact, one of the biggest trends on Pinterest this year is the rise of the “cloffice,” a mix of “closet” and “office.” Think hall closets transformed into amazing offices, complete with high-gloss paint, wallpaper, and a few shelves. 

2. Clearly delineated spaces

Once highly sought-after, open floor plans are expected to go by the wayside. While they’re not yet completely passé, more people are increasingly becoming interested in closing off those wide-open spaces they used to covet in lieu of a cozy shared living space, as well as areas they can carve out to have some space to themselves.

The trend will be to create different living spaces within the open floor plan, so people will have pockets or nooks in the home for e-learning, Zoom calls, a conversation, lounging, exercising and more.

3. Houseplants and indoor gardens

During the pandemic when it was difficult for some to get their daily dose of nature, many people started bringing the outdoors into their homes with natural materials. With the pandemic continuing, the houseplant trend seems poised to stay.

For houseplants, definitely do your homework before investing. Take into account your natural light, exposures, and how much you will remember to water.

4. Rattan accents

In line with the houseplant trend, natural materials also are having a moment. In particular, rattan is the material of the day, appearing everywhere from drink holders to bed frames.

Try the trend by choosing a rattan accessory or accent piece that you love; just don’t go overboard. Rattan is best in small doses, so pick your favorite piece and work from there.

5. Wood-grain kitchen cabinets and counters

Organic touches are sprouting up in the kitchen, as well, with more minimalist styles boasting touches of organic and natural materials, such as wood grain—perhaps as part of a desire to connect with nature.

Instead of painted kitchen cabinets or an all-white kitchen, expect a more natural look with wood-grain cabinets and wood countertops on islands.

6. Next-level playgrounds

Elaborate custom playgrounds are one of the hottest trends around. To create the ultimate kids’ club, you might want to consider going beyond store-bought swing sets and adding zip lines, adventure courses and climbing to your backyard playground.

7. Outdoor kitchens

Multi-seasonal spaces that feature fireplaces or fire-pits, patio and deck areas, and screened-in porches that can be used year-round are on the rise. This includes outdoor kitchens, which have become more popular than ever during the pandemic.

An outdoor kitchen can be as elaborate or as modest as you like, with some simply adding an outdoor refrigerator and dining area to the backyard to create an expanded entertaining space, and yet others investing in a stovetop, ample counter space and appliances to create a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

8. Smart bath innovations

You can expect to see a wealth of new bath innovations in 2021 as homeowners continue to focus more than ever on hygiene (and perhaps prepare for the next toilet paper shortage). Touchless appliances, including motion sensors for lighting, and smart temperature control for bath floors will be more popular in the next year.

9. Retro furniture and color palettes

The pandemic brought on a wave of nostalgia for people seeking comfort from the past, and that wistfulness will influence home decor in 2021. Expect to see funky color palettes (think mauve, forest green and burnt orange) and furniture throwbacks like 1980’s curves and 1990’s traditionalism.

An easy way to try the trend on for size yourself is with a quick coat of paint. Pick a bold color and one wall, or a smaller bath, and paint your way back to the ’80s or ’90s.

10. Cozy, layered vibes

The design pendulum is swinging toward the traditional. That means warm colors and natural wood rather than cool grays and blues. Instead of stark white minimalism, expect to see more color and personality in 2021’s home decor—less uber-modern and more Boho-chic.

So, go ahead and pile on those mismatched blankets and throw pillows, and don’t be afraid to embrace a design that reflects your personality. 

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