Things to Look for in a Home if You’re an Avid Golfer

Things to Look for in a Home if You’re an Avid Golfer

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All golfers know there’s nothing like the relaxation that comes from hitting the links on a beautiful, sunny day. But if you want to make this passion more than a hobby, it’s important that your home reflects these priorities. 

By seeking out qualities that will cater to your golf game, you’ll be able to become a better player and find more fulfillment in the process. Here are four things to look for in a home if you’re a seasonal golfer.

1. Plentiful storage space

While you enjoy the game of golf, that doesn’t mean you want your golf equipment cluttering up your home. That’s why it’s important to find a home with plenty of storage space on every floor. 

This allows you to store your clubs, shoes and other equipment safely and neatly so that everything’s always ready to go when you’re ready to start a round.

2. Proximity to great courses

Finding a home on or near a golf course will give you easy access to the sport you love throughout the year. Plus, if you choose a country club home, it may give you entry to certain clubs at a reduced cost, allowing you to save money so that you can become a member at multiple clubs at the same time.

3. Other amenities

As great as golf is, you probably don’t want to do it every day of the week. So, it’s ideal if your home is situated in a community with other amenities to help you stay active. 

Features such as a pool, tennis courts, and a gym can provide plenty of enjoyment for those days you don’t feel like trying your luck on the links. Of course, if some of these amenities are located on your personal property, then it’s even better.

4. Golf cart parking

If you own your own golf cart, it’s important that your home has a place to park it so you can protect it from the elements. Typically, garages are sized in terms of cars, not golf carts. However, there are homes that are equipped with two-and-a-half car garages or more. 

These ‘half garages make a perfect space to store your golf cart. Except for certain exceptions, golf is best enjoyed when you can play it with others. So, if you can find a home in a strong community, then you’ll always have someone to meet you out on the course.

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